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Celine's Tuition is Going Online




拥有20年教学经验,培养超过六千名学员的CELINE老师,以她独特的右脑强化记忆法,帮助了许许多多的学生们在PT3 以及 SPM 的国文,物理,以及化学考试中大放异彩,获取了优异成绩。



上了CELINE老师的课程,您的孩子将会学习 :-


  • 如何在30天里掌握国文作文写作,让他们看到考题时不再战战兢兢!

  • 如何扩展作文内容,运用优美字句,让他们能够拥有国文考获A 的梦想!

  • 如何提升国文的理解能力和语法,让他们有信心的进入考场!

  • 如何以歌唱的方式学习化学方程式,让他们不再以死背的方式获取考分!

  • 如何把物理以及化学套入生活,让他们对科学产生兴趣,达到事半功倍的成效!


Not every tuition teacher can keep

your child enthusiastic about learning!

With 20 years of teaching experience and training more than 6,000 students, CELINE teacher, with her unique right brain strengthening memory method, has helped many students to shine in the PT3 and SPM Chinese, physics, and chemistry exams.

In the year of 2020, Covid-19 pandemic has drive Celine to join the online learning through ZOOM meeting, allowing more SPM and PT3 students from nationwide to join her unique ways in learning! Beside weekly zoom lesson, students can access to her thinkific learning platform for free. This allow her students to have 24 hours revision throughout the year to watch her pre-recorded courses as well.

After attending the CELINE teacher's course, your child will learn :-

  • How to write a class A karangan without fear in 30 days

  • How to use beautiful quotes and clause in bahasa karangan to get a 5 stars rating

  • How to improve the pemahaman & tatabahasa so that they can enter the examination room with confidence

  • How to learn chemical equations by singing songs, which is a proven ways to have permanent memory

  • How to integrate physics and chemistry concept into life, to trigger their interest in Science subject

BM Karangan
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